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Monday, April 5

Baghaus Review

Have you ever stopped someone on the street or at school just to find out where they found their handbag? I have-- and much to my disappointment it's always some exclusive designer with a high end price tag.
Enter Baghaus! High end handbags and design meets affordable prices! Love that combination! Do you like the all fashionable clutch or are you the flirtatious zebra print kind of gal? Either way. Baghaus has a handbag for you!

I was so lucky to be able to choose any handbag from Baghaus! I chose the Urban Expressions Constance Tote in Cognac. What attracted me to this bag, was the great large tote look. You always see the celebs of the moment carrying these giant totes half their body size-- I was aiming to look slimmer-- a la' Mary Kate preferably....

It came beautifully packaged, and sealed in breathable plastic. It's made from quality synthetic leather material, but feels like the real thing! It was soft and buttery in texture-- a very expensive feel. The handbag had gold toned hardware that not only looked great, but also felt heavy duty and sturdy! The Constance comes with dual carrying handles that are adjustable just like a belt. Another great thing is all the zippered pockets-- perfect for keys, cell phone, wallet, and any other miscellaneous girl stuff you carry around! The handbag measures a nice 17.5" wide by 13.5" high and 6" deep-- plenty of room and storage! 

This Urban Expressions bag sells for a mere $69 and it comes with free shipping through Baghaus!


Andrea on April 12, 2010 at 4:29 PM said...

What great bags! And I love the idea of carrying a huge bag to look slimmer! Too funny!