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Tuesday, May 18

Baby Diner Review and FREE Baby Diners for ALL!

I had the absolute pleasure to try out the Baby Diner. Essentially, it's a suction cupped bowl or plate stand that suctions the bowl or plate to the table. Securely, safely and without the mess. 

My little messy monster is continually throwing her plates and bowls from the height of her high chair and/or booster seat. From soup to crackers and everything in between, the food would end up on the ground. We have even lost some bowls to the 3 foot drop of destruction. I think it's a combination of my reaction and the sound/mess that keeps Emma throwing her food. Thanks to the Baby Diner, the endless food fight has came to peace! I was very pleased with the Baby Diners ability to withstand Emma's pulls and tugs. It held it's own, and eventually she gave up even trying to budge it.

I also loved that it was easily portable-- from the restaurant, to grandma's, to the high chair-- the Baby Diner easily comes off the surface with a little suction prying. It sticks to most surfaces including wood, solid surfaces, and plastic. It cleans easily if need be too! What an amazing baby essential!

Take a look at the video below and see first hand how the Baby Diner works:

Would you like to try out the Baby Diner for yourself or perhaps give this as a gift? This would make an excellent baby shower gift!

Baby Diner and TicTacDough has teamed up to provide each reader with a free Baby Diner! All you have to pay is the shipping!

Follow this secure link to Baby Diner and follow the details to check out!  

Baby Diner will continue this great giveaway promotion now through Mid June/July-- so ORDER NOW!