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Wednesday, May 19

Medical Alert Systems-- Sponsored Post

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Medical Guardian. All opinions are 100% mine.

Normally I write about uplifting child centered products or perhaps a chicken story every now and again, but sometimes there are things in our lives that are not cheerful or friendly, but rather life saving, relevant, and important.


I remember with my grandfather, towards the end of is life, where he could not be alone for even a trip to the restroom. We were too afraid of him falling or worse. Luckily we had my mom and two aunts that cared for him around the clock. But what if your parents or grandparents were strong enough to be left alone, or even strong enough to live alone? There would still be that worry of the "what if?" What if he fell or what if they were not feeling well? This is where a wonderful company like Medical Guardian comes in. First Alert buttons saves lives and serves as a safety net for the family by giving peace of mind. It's also a great alternative to a senior living facility.

Medical Guardian, was established to provide a reliable and affordable solution to Seniors who wished to live an independent life at home.

Thousands of American seniors now enjoy a restored sense of independence and their loved ones are comforted in the knowledge that, if ever needed, live and immediate help is just the simple push of a button away.

The round the clock UL approved monitoring, the top rated equipment and the affordable monthly fee coupled with no long term contract makes Medical Guardian the smart choice for American Seniors and their families.

Reasons to have a Medical Alert System:
  1. To help provide quick medical assistance in case of a fall or injury.
  2. If you loved ones live alone or perhaps are not attended to during the work day.
Tips to Prevent Falls:
  1. Talk to your Dr. about Falls Prevention and have a vision and hearing test done regularly.
  2. Install proper lighting throughout your home-- pay special attention to stairs, and use night lights in the hallway.
  3. Install grab bars in the bathrooms by the toilet, tub or shower.
  4. Make sure to have a handrail by stairs (maybe even two).
  5. Wear proper footwear-- Shoes, boots and slippers should have good support and have good soles.
  6. Keep your floors clutter free and avoid the use of scatter rugs.

Visit my sponsor: Medical Alert System


    Medical Alert on May 31, 2010 at 6:25 PM said...

    My mother suffered a sever fall a couple years ago and has been having mobility problems ever since. At first it was difficult for myself and my sister to make ourselves available so she had someone to call in case of emergency. We've since signed up for a medical alert system and it's a big relief to know she can quickly get help if needed. I'd recommend looking into these devices to anyone with an aging parent.