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Thursday, September 30

WOMEN ONLY Event: California Blooms Review

Orange Roses 
I like to receive flowers. There-- I said it. I really don't know of any woman that doesn't. Some may say-- they die and it's a waste of money. But I would have to argue that they are beauty, and gives health and happiness. I have never seen a person who was down or under the weather, turn to their flowers and say "what a waste!" never.

California Blooms carries beautiful "blooms" from yes, you guessed it-- California! They are family owned and operated. And each of their bouquets are hand selected and hand cut and the peak of freshness. They are then over-nighted to your door -- from farm to your front door in less that 24 hours! amazing! Plus, they use eco-friendly practices-- see below:

"Our roses are grown utilizing eco-friendly methods that drastically reduce the demand for energy. The greenhouse roofs are double-lined as opposed to the typical greenhouse with a single-lined roof. In addition, energy curtains are used throughout the greenhouses. This alone reduces energy consumption by over 30%. Water used throughout the growing operation is continually recycled back into the operation as well as into nearby pastureland and complimentary crops."
Orange RosesI received a beautiful bouquet of fresh orange roses. Gorgeous blooms right of the box. I trimmed them and used the water additive they arrived with. I then placed them in a vase and voila-- instant centerpiece! 

Overall, the roses lasted about 3 days. I changed the water daily, but they still wilted. I was a little let down that they didn't fully open, but nonetheless, they were still gorgeous! The orange long stemmed roses sell for $39 dollars for 1 dozen. You can add in a vase for another $8 dollars.
Green Roses 
 All opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.-- I was given the product complimentary from California Blooms. A special thanks to California Blooms for participating in a review!