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Friday, August 6

Bright Beginnings Now Available at -- Sponsored Post

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of PBM Products. All opinions are 100% mine.


Bright Beginnings available at Not only can you buy all your diapering needs at, but you can buy formula and all of babies needs there! Bright Beginnings also has a new look-- see above! I like the design, but what's most important is what is inside the can! Obviously, breast is best, but sometimes things happen that get in the way of breastfeeding and women have to turn to formula!

Are you looking for nutrition like breast milk in an affordable infant formula?  Bright Beginnings is a smart choice! With my daughters, I tried to breastfeed, but with both it did not work out. I turned to formula and found that many generic brands were offering formula that are very competitive to those high priced formulas!

Bright Beginnings Provides Triple Benefits for your baby:

Brain & Eye:  Fortified with DHA & ARA, nutrients found in breast milk to support brain and eye development
Immune support:  Prebiotics, like those in breast milk, to support a healthy immune system
Growth & Development:  All the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your baby needs for excellent growth and development during the first year

You can purchase Bright Beginnings in a six pack of 24 ounce cans for $86.94 from plus you get FREE SHIPPING!! Use the coupon codes to save a little more! $5 off any (1) diapers or formula product (use code: FIVEBABY). Plus, 10% off almost anything else (use code: 10PERCENT).

Visit my sponsor: Bright Beginnings