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Monday, August 9

Who Doesn't like Walkie Talkies?!

Really though! Who does not like a walkie talkie?! I am immediately taken back to my childhood in the 1980's--Pac Man, The Smurfs, Connect Four, Walkie Talkies...

This time around though, it's donning the loved by many, Dora the Explorer! And what explorer-wanna-be does not want a good walkie talkie to talk to their other explorer friends?!

My daughters received a package of the Dora the Explorer Walkie Talkies. Simply put-- they. love. them.
DORA the Explorer Walkie Talkies
They carry them around with them-- and really, why not? We have a half acre here to explore and being able to ramble to each other while being across the yard, or inside the house is pretty awesome for a 2 year old and 6 year old! There is a bit of static/and or interference-- but for the price of $9.99 on, it's an inexpensive fun toy for an afternoon of enjoyment.
  • On/Off Switch to save battery life
  • flexible safety antenna
  • push-to-talk button
  • volume contro
  • uses (1) 9V battery for each (not included)