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Friday, August 6

Baby Swings-- Sponsored Post

This is a Sponsored Post written by me. All opinions are 100% mine.

When a new baby arrives, chaos can occur. Tread lightly. Throw in some siblings and it can be one tramatic adjustment for both mom and baby.

There are some products that can make the adjustment smoother, easier and quieter for mom. I have always had good luck with the following:

1) Vibration-- whether it be in the form of a mattress pad that vibrates slightly, or a bassinet with vibrations mode built in. From my experience, it has helped babies fall asleep faster and more soundly.
2) Sound Machine-- Did you know that a woman's womb is known to be as loud as a vacuum cleaner?! So when a baby is born-- naked, exposed and cold, that the mere silence can also be scary. I happened upon using noise when my first daughter was crying. Nothing would soothe her. I remember my mom mentioning that I would quiet down when a vacuum would turn on. I tried it-- I was at wits end and had no other ideas-- low and behold mom was right and it shushed Hannah to sleep within minutes. The next day I borrowed a sound machine to mimic the vacuum cleaner.
3) Baby Swings-- Baby swings are decked out these days! From lullabies to vibrations to timers-- they seem to have it all to help mom with the day to day troubles of a newborn. Click the link to see the 10 Best Electric Baby Swings. And you can check out all the Baby Swing Reviews. 

4) Swaddle blanket-- Babies are used to being tight and snuggly inside mamas womb. Why not mimic that sensation for them also? I love swaddling blankets-- and nowadays they come in many, many styles! From velcro to keep hands and feet swaddled in, or a simple blanket sized right for the  burrito fold. 



jessis_madonna on August 18, 2010 at 9:59 AM said...

this swing is so beautful i wish i can have one for my son to have n be entertained . in n follower n blogger n sub to emails i also like u on facebook